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The story behind ta•ta•toos®.

It's fitting that the story of ta•ta•toos® begins with a pair… a pair of friends, that is. Michelle and Jodi worked together as sales professionals for more than 12 years. Like a lot of motivated executives (with a bit of an independent streak), they dreamed of finding something they could call their own. They also figured that together they were perfect 'entrepregals': Jodi was always dreaming up new concepts and Michelle was a whiz at making things work. 


One day Jodi said, I've got a couple of big ones… big ideas, that is. The first one, gourmet pet water labeled Dog Perignon, hit the trash bin pretty quick. But the next one felt like they were really getting out in front of something: Temporary tattoos (displayed at eye level) expressing special sentiments in a way that could never be conveyed by words alone. 


Quick, I need a double, Michelle said… a double entendre, that is. She and Jodi dove right in coming up with witty tag lines. ("Getting something off your chest never felt so good," was the early winner.) Then the duo put their best ta•ta•toos® forward and contacted the patent office, manufacturers and packaging companies. They conducted product testing (yes, husbands count), market testing (what are friends for) and talked to retailers (turns out people love to talk about ta-tas). At every step, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. 


The consensus opinion was that ta•ta•toos® highlight a woman's best assets… her cleverness and creativity, that is. So with everything in place, Jodi and Michelle rolled out ta•ta•toos®. The initial response has been huge. No one's quitting their day job yet, but they are developing another line of ta•ta•toos®. It's been a lot of work and a lot of fun, and regardless what happens, Jodi and Michelle are content knowing they'll have a great set of memories. And when all is said and done, isn't that what ta•ta•toos® is really about?