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Got questions? Get answers.

Q: How many ta•ta•toos® come in a package?

A: There are two greetings / two pairs of tatatoos® in each package (the greeting you choose and our signature 'Lucky You').


Q: When you send my order, is there any information on the package indicating what is inside?

A: We realize that you might be purchasing tatatoos® as a surprise, so the package arrives without any indication of the contents, return addressed from GreenSmith Concepts, Inc. Even your credit card statement is billed from GreenSmith Concepts, Inc. 


Q: Are ta•ta•toos® safe?

A: All of our temporary tatatoos® are made with skin safe, FDA approved ingredients. We offer the highest quality tattoos. 


Q: How long do ta•ta•toos® last?

A: Our tatatoos® are high quality and last 5-7 days. Do not rub with towels or clothes etc. They will last longer if the skin is clean and dry prior to application. The special ink is waterproof so will last through swimming and showers. 


Q: How are they applied?

A: Instructions are printed on the back of your tatatoos®, but here is a simple step guideline: Skin should be completely clean and dry (free of lotion, etc) Remove protective cover sheet and place tatatoos® face down on skin. Wet back of tatatoos® with a wet cloth or sponge and apply pressure (without moving) Wait 30 seconds (don't rush); slide off paper backing. 


Q: How do you remove them?

A: Saturate tatatoos® with baby oil, cold cream or household rubbing alcohol, wait 20 seconds, then rub away with cotton ball or tissue.

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